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Sensible Pulse Gymnastics SPG is a technique that teach us how to feel and how to transform an unpleasant  state into a pleasant one. The goal is to learn to know the energy which produces our sensations. If we recognize our sensations as energy (electrical oscillations) we can manage them in our benefit. Sensible pulse gymnastic (SPG) has two pillars: 1) Give a good interpretation to the sensations that we feel as unpleasant and 2) Techniques that help us to obtain this reinterpretation.

HERE in QUANTUM SENSIBLE PULSE GYMNASTIC you will find the follow aspects:

There are a possibility of patterns of light in the brain seen as color rings and spekles making Fractal Consciousness, Fractal Dimension and Fractal Connectivity, Consciousness and creativity. From ion channels inducing light in front the eyes to behavioral states. Boundaries of Consciousness 1/f phenomena and music Fractology - Fractal Healing, how fractal awareness leads to holographic consciousness. The fractal system and the mystery of Consciousness. Brain is a complex dynamical system with both holarchic and fractal qualities. The ego is a vortex, and attractor. The coherent heart laser cascades drives the archetypes to understand the fractal images and its quantum phenomena with consciousness, making order out of Chaos: Benoit Mandelbrot; Fractals and fractal art.The hidden power of your mind. Chaotic and Strange Attractors; Chaos, Quantum Fractal Geometry  mandala, crop, circles and fractal images "the butterfly effect". fractal structure of the brain's Quantum holography brain and mind; the chaotic dynamics in the development of consciousness. Socio-ecologic adoptions of fractal theory CHAOSOPHY  FRACTAL THERAPY Information Theory and the Vortex Brain Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves states of consciousness and awareness metaphysical aspects of reality. Fractal iterations synchronicity. Synchronicity an acausal non-temporal connectivity principle THE MECHANICS OF GRAVITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS. structure, fractal, structural regularity.Cantorian Fractal Spacetime and Quantum Chaos in Neural network, the fractal architecture of the cycloskeleton Science & Physics of Consciousness' Based on Sacred Geometry Study, Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in Brain Waves during Euphoria  Active Visualization.  Physics of Consciousness.

R Llinas I of the Vortex, Thalamic Oscillations, Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness Llinas mind, the intuitive mode of consciousness Fritjof Capra, Penrose, R. The Emperor's New Mind. Shadows of the Mind. Intralaminar nuclei. Microtuble structures in the human brain thalamocortical system. The basis for cognition complexity Mental states, neural networks, brainwaves, EM fields, Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in Brain Waves as Mechanism of the body, mind, and spirit, vibrate in sympathy. brainwaves, and spiritual energy centers 

Visualization of Dimensions; Meditation on the Hypercube Infinity To Unity: The divine eternal spirit may assign to a fractal divine eternal soul with just enough energy to direct consciousness, reality and individual consciousness represent self-similar aspects of a single. CG Jung, analytical Psychology, and Culture. Drunvalo Melchizedek. emergent creativity Paranormality or Psychotic Manifestations Rebirthing The yoga of prana and mind Methods of producing alpha and theta brainwaves. the Ashram Chakra Clearing & Alignments, Energy Balancing, Spiritual Alkimia AudioTherapy Brainwaves and Binaural Sounds For Healing Path Technique, Reiki, mind, body and Tai Chi masters, awareness of the kundalini energy system body, mind and heart to healing, mastering chi flow and quieting the mind Kundalini and creative energy. Biofeedback of one’s brainwaves mind Universal Tao meditation, chi kung (qigong), yoga, movement and breathwork. focus your telepathic energy tantric yoga tantra yoga frequency and its relationship to alpha brainwaves, vibrational medicine clearly cleanses mind, body and physical and energy bodies Awakening the Mind Mastering the Power of Your Brainwaves", Sound Energy, Electrical Energy, Luminous Energy heart rate the mind's miraculous power Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing. rates to tune your brainwaves biofeedback machines, light-sound mind machines, brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, subliminals, energy work, breathwork sensitivity to the energy currents. Alkimia AudioTherapy Brainwaves and Binaural Sounds For Healing Universal Consciousness the energy of all, powers of the mind Reiki Mind, Body, Soul Reiki balances, centers, grounds cleanses the energy field Neurofeedback is biofeedback on brainwaves. experiences (OBE), lucid dreams (LD), energy body brainwaves to create meditative states patterns of energy in the brain Brain wave Functions Alpha Beta Theta psychokinesis, aura, orgone energy, chakra, chi, shakti Meditation, Reincarnation, Karma, Heart-Brain Resonance, Intuition quantum biology Quantum, Gaia Shroedinger's quantum mechanics senses and brain Quantum  bioenergy, Biofeedback, Bodywork, brain, brain-mapping, Breathwork Einstein, Emotional Release, energy, energy medicine, Energy.


Frohlich, Long-range coherence and energy, the brain gives off electricity in the form of brainwaves. superconducting quantum interference device the quantum vacuum with zero-point energy emergent phenomena of the brain’s neural luminous energy frequencies Macroscopic Quantum Coherence electron q-bits inside the microtubules of your brain Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Gravity Self-Collapse. Gravity Self-Energy. Quantum Coherence. Pribram’s Holographic Brain. Electron Biogravity Computer Soft Touch Quantum fluctuations in the vacuum energy 


Heart Rate Variability of the energy of the Heart your brain waves are rapid, as is your heart beat heart center opening, balancing and aligning with this energy. music therapy, sound healing the Visual Energy MORA delivers electromagnetic energy Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul.